Flickering Books ‘Once Upon A Time’ April Candle Box

I was naughty when I ordered the April candle box from Flickering Books, but you are going to have to read until the end to find out!


So the April theme was Once Upon A Time and it is pretty much a Disney inspired box of candles and goodies. The four candles included in the box were (from left to right):

• Floating Lanterns inspired by Tangled. It is a light purple colour and smells of orange and basil. It is very subtle, but I can definitely smell the citrus.

• Kiss the Girl inspired by The Little Mermaid. The scent is sweet vanilla and cherry blossom and is a deep pink. Again, this one is subtle, but it has a nice vanilla smell with a hint of sweet flowers.

• Hakuna Matata inspired by The Lion King. The colour is a light mint green and the scent is Amazonian grape. To me, this smells like grape starburst lollies or hubba bubba bubble gum.

• Ice Caste inspired by Frozen. This one has a scent frosted water and jasmine and is coloured a pale blue with glitter. It definitely has a fresh watery smell to it.

As well as the four fabulous candles, the box included:

• a gorgeous woodmark with a quote from Aladdin by Ink and Wonder Designs;

• a metal bookmark with a rainbow scales charm inspired by The Little Mermaid made by Chloe;

• two bookmarks, one inspired by Tangled and the other by The Little Mermaid, designed by Chloe;

• a stunning print inspired by The Lion King;

• an adorable Winnie the Pooh inspired phone case, also made by Chloe;

• an arrow ring inspired by Brave;

• and a genie lamp charm, inspired by Aladdin, on a link bracelet.

My favourite of the four candles is probably Ice Castle and my favourite non-candle item would have to be either the ring or the Hakuna Matata print!

Okay, so why was I naughty with this order? I will have to tell you a little story. I missed out on the May box by one day because it sold out the day before I got paid. I was upset. Since I recently fell in love with the series (specifically ACOMAF), I was pretty bummed.


So what does an impulsive zany bibliophile with a candle obsession do? Order two full sized candles inspired by the beloved High Lord and High Lady of the Night Court. They look beautiful, the colours are bright and the labels are beautiful. I also love the jars they came in. I cannot remember what the scents were supposed to be, but I will do my best to describe them for you guys.
Feyre, the pink one, has a floral smell, a rose and something kind of scent.
Rhysand, the blue one, smells like a powdery men’s deodorant.
They have since been replaced by new designs with different scents (even though I cannot actually remember what these were, I remember thinking to myself when they first changed ‘Oh, she changed the scent too’).

Like the look of these candles? Go check out Flickering Books on Instagram and Etsy.

Did anyone else get the April box?
Which candle do you like best?
Which of the other items was your favourite?
Did you get these Feyre and Rhysand candles?
What did you think of them?
Comment below or on the posts on one of my other media accounts.

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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