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Review – If Souls Can Sleep by David Michael Williams

I love when the description of a book is enough to hook me on a story. The first line:

First he lost his daughter. His mind may be next.

It sounded like a tragically intriguing story so I simply had to read it.

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Title: If Souls Can Sleep

Author: David Michael Williams

Genre: Science Fiction – Fantasy

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: One Million Words

Format: E-book

Release: January 30, 2018

The story begins with a dream about the day Clementine drowned in the bath while her father was asleep. This dream has been haunting Vincent for years but those dreams stop just as a new dream begins and this dream is very different to most. For a start, this dream has the ability to draw Vincent in even when he is awake. After the new dream leads to him losing his job, Vincent looks for help only to discover there is much more to the dream than he could have possibly imagined.

The role of the main character goes to Vincent – a seemingly decent guy who has self-destructed since the death of his daughter and all but cut contact with his mother over their different opinions on whether to turn off his criminal half-brother’s life support. When he begins having the dream, he is mostly confused that it is a fantasy setting and everyone in the dream world calls him Valenthor of the Three Rivers.

Jerry is Vincent’s housemate and the first person to try helping Vincent figure out what the crazy dream, though his efforts are limited to instant messaging the “Master of All Fantasy”. The next person Vincent turns to Leah, a sleep therapist with her own interesting sleep disorder. She does her own tests and investigations which leads to some very surprising discoveries.

The other character worth mentioning is a rather peculiar man by the name of Milton. He is on the run, but cannot remember who is running from or why and the fact that he cannot remember scares him.

The way the book is set up was confusing at first – flicking between dreams and awake without clear indication but also between different points of view- but I believe that was the intention. If it had been explained earlier on, it would have taken away from the overall story. Once I got halfway through the book I began to pick up on the differences and it is also when the story began to explain itself only heightening my interest in the story. With the exception of that temporary confusion, it was a well thought out story that flowed rather well.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I found the story really enjoyable but I also loved the excerpt from book two that was included at the end of the copy I read – it has me intrigued and wanting to read it as soon as possible.


Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x



A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by The Weapenry Cooperative via NetGalley

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