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Review – Alex and the Other by Philippa Dowding

I love children’s fiction. It is short but often packs a meaningful story. When I read the description of this one I was hoping for a creepy version and it lived up to my expectations.

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Title: Alex and the Other

Author: Philippa Dowding

Genre: Paranormal

Age Classification: Children’s

Publisher: Dundurn

Format: E-book

Release: April 24, 2018

Alex is invisible. Well, not really to begin with, just not really noticed or memorable. Then he decides to take a detour before heading. He comes across some possessed pigs who ask him about the other and his cat starts talking to him. The following days are filled with strange things until another Alex has taken his place and gradually no one can see him anymore. This is when real Alex is faced with the choice of fading away and letting other Alex take over or fighting back.

Real Alex is an emotionally strong character but he is used to living in the background so he does not have much in the way of social confidence or friends. During this story, real Alex experiences up and downs which have the ability to tug at the heartstrings but ultimately he learns his individual worth and how being himself is important.

Other Alex is kind of creepy from start to finish and is the one thing I did not like about the book, but only because other Alex made me angry. How dare the other come in and try to take over the life of an innocent boy. Of course, the other is a major element of the story and responsible for teaching real Alex a valuable life lesson.

There are a few characters besides the Alex’s but the most important, in my opinion, are the aliens using piglets as their Earth vessels. They seem to have no idea how to interact with real Alex without giving the poor kid the creeps. However, they play a very important part of this story and are not quite what they seem.

The story packs a powerful message in a slightly creepy story with aliens. It was an interesting concept, fast passed and continuously intriguing which made it a very enjoyable read. It was also well written for younger audiences by not using complicated language and staying focused on the main story.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

This is a great book that I would recommend to children aged 8+, depending on their maturity, especially if they like aliens.

What is your favourite book featuring aliens?

Let me know below or on my Goodreads review!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by Dundurn via NetGalley

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