Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Fictional characters I’d be roommates with

The meme theme of the week for Mel‘s Top 3 Thursday is fictional characters I’d be roommates with.

PicsArt_04-08-04.24.38.jpgLuna Lovegood
Harry Potter Series
by J.K. Rowling

Who wouldn’t want to hang out with this zany girl? She is smart, kind and such a unique sole, I would definitely want Luna as a roomie!

by Rainbow Rowell

I think it would be awesome to have a nerdy roommate, especially if she comes with a Levi that will include me in his special pumpkin mocha breve deliveries. Yes, I want him for the coffee but I would not want to live with him. Also, emergency dance parties! I already do this when I am alone but it would be fun to have an emergency dance party buddy!

PicsArt_05-13-06.07.58.jpgQueenie Goldstein
Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them
by J.K. Rowling

Although the legilimency may require some getting used to, I think Queenie would be a wonderful roommate. She is so kind and understanding, plus those apple strudels – YUM – definitely qualities I would like in a roommate!

What would be your three roommate choices?
Let me know in the comment section.

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

5 thoughts on “Top 3 Thursday – Fictional characters I’d be roommates with”

  1. Wow this was hard to pick characters I actually like… and I’m sticking with females cause we don’t need to go getting all weird about things. But here it is
    Iko – ok, yeah technically she’s an andriod. But she’s a sassy android so she’d be fun
    Nina – basically I’m all here for the waffles.
    and now I’m stuck because I don’t think picking Hedwig is what you were looking for here…
    ooo Celia from the Night Circus. Cause I reckon that’d be interesting without being annoying

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