Merch Monday

Merch Monday: Till and Dill – Winter Wonderland Woman Print

Till and Dill are based in the Netherlands and have a range of artworks from animals to faeries. I have quite a few of their designs, however, with it currently being the start of winter here in Australia, I decided it would be appropriate to focus on a winter-themed print.


The design pictured here is called the Winter Wonderland Woman and I have this design on a bookmark, postcard, button and an A4 print (pictured), all of which came in the Winter Wonderland box Till and Dill did at the end of 2017.

I will admit, I do not purchase many prints as I do not have many places to display them, but this one was just too pretty to pass up. The paper seems to be good quality and looks great on display, though it is a shame that the print curls a little if not displayed in a frame (though that may be due to my local climate).

As for the design itself, I am a winter baby (at least, I am in Australia) and I prefer the cold to the disgusting heat of summer, so I love all things winter. This is no exception. The design is beautiful with a cross between winter vibes with the blues and white and Christmas vibes with the little touches of red. I also love that the woman looks realistic with the amazing amount of detail put into her hair and the shadowing. Overall, I think this is a stunning piece of art!

I would definitely recommend Till and Dill if you are looking for some beautiful artwork and I most definitely recommend the Winter Wonderland Woman collection as it is truly stunning.

Have you got any of Till and Dill‘s artwork?

Let me know in the comment section!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x


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