Merch Monday

Merch Monday: Potions Candle Co – #amwriting

Yes, I am featuring another Potions Candle Co item this week and no, I am not sorry.


This item serves two purposes. Not only is it an amazing smelling candle with scents of pomegranate, vanilla and mango and one of the few coloured candles you will see from Potions Candle Co, but it is also a promotional item for Bookstapress. The upcoming Bookstapress Anthology is bound to be interesting and it is wonderful to have the scent of the #amwriting candle filling the room as I write my own piece for it.

I love the creamy fruitiness of the scent and both the cold and warm throw is great. While this candle is no longer available, a similar scent does pop up in Potions Candle Co‘s store from time to time and that is Cather, a Fangirl inspired scent.

Are you writing or planning to write a piece for the Bookstapress anthology?
Were you lucky enough to get one of these candles?
Leave a comment below and let me know!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x


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