Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Bookish Foods

It is time for another Top 3 Thursday and this week’s theme is Bookish Foods!

Harry Potter series
by JK Rowling

Honestly, who does not want to try this magical drink? There are plenty of foods from the wizarding universe I would love to try, but butterbeer definitely tops my list!

PicsArt_12-27-07.29.55.jpgLembas / Elven Bread
Lord of the Rings
by JRR Tolkien

I do not know if this would be the tastiest of foods, especially to the hobbits who are very much fond of second breakfast and elevenses, but I would love it if a small bite would be enough to fill me up when I am busy or on the run.

PicsArt_03-28-02.38.28.jpgPumpkin Mocha Breve
by Rainbow Rowell

I have wanted to try one of these since I first read Levi making one for Cath. Pumpkin is not a flavour I would think of for anything sweet, especially since I mainly only have pumpkin with a roast, but sweet pumpkin dishes and pumpkin spice things seem to be popular.

If anyone has tried a recipe for any of these bookish foods and liked them, please give me the recipe you used!

What bookish foods would you most like to try?
Leave a comment below so we can discuss all the yummy bookish foods!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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