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Review – The Phantom Tree by Nicola Cornick

I am a fan of many genres and struggle to pick a single favourite so when I come across a book that combines a few of my favourites I get excited. The cover and the synopsis of this book had me hooked and I could not wait to dive on in.

36531702Title: The Phantom Tree

Author: Nicola Cornick

Genre: Historical – Mystery – Science Fiction

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: Harlequin

Format: Ebook

Release: August 21, 2018

Alison Bannister and Mary Seymour are enemies now separated by hundreds of years. However, when Alison finds a portrait of Mary, she knows that Mary left her clues to solving multiple mysteries Alison has spent ten years trying to solve.

Mary is the daughter or a queen but, after the death of her parents, she is sent to live at Wolf Hall to live with other orphaned children on the Seymour family tree. It is here she meets Alison, who instantly dislikes Mary, but when things go from bad to worse for both of the girls, the two make a pact and Alison finds a way to get them both out of Wolf Hall.

The story is set in two different times – Mary in the 1500’s and Alison trapped in the present – but both timelines flowed and both were written in a compelling way. The mystery element of the novel was intriguing and the little hints of science fiction weaved in through the time jumping made the story all the more interesting. There were a few little issues I had, though they were mostly personal reasons. There were a few lines that had me rolling my eyes (for example, I am so over people letting out the breath they did not realise they were holding) and there were specific characters whose actions disgusted me. With the exception of those minor complaints, I thought it was a great read with.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I would say this a 4.5-star book because it was a really enjoyable read, there were just a few elements of the story I personally did not enjoy.

What is your favourite genre combination?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by Harlequin via NetGalley

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