If Sins Dwell Deep – Pre-Order Links and Book Details!

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Earlier this year I read If Souls Can Sleep. It had a spooky cool cover (pictured to the right) that drew me in and a synopsis which sold me. I had to read it. I was very pleased with myself for giving it a go because I really enjoyed the plot. At the end of the book was an excerpt of book 2, which intrigued me and had me wanting to read the rest of the book ASAP! Well, lucky me because the parallel novel to If Souls Can Sleep will be published at the start of October!

David posted the cover reveal two weeks ago and WOW! The angry wolf and fire make this cover much more dramatic than the first novel but this cover and the synopsis (included below) definitely have me intrigued!

Image supplied by author

Title: If Sin Dwells Deep

Author: David Michael Williams

Genre: Science Fiction – Fantasy

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: One Million Words

Format: Kindle E-book and Paperback

Release: October 2, 2018

Even good girls have secrets.
When straight-laced Allison sleeps, the rebellious goddess Syn wakes. Having a fling in the dreamscape may seem like harmless fun, but when a sadistic predator learns her true identity, the fantasy begins to bleed into real life.
If Sin Dwells Deep — a parallel novel to If Souls Can Sleep — exposes the hidden world of dream drifters and explores the war between gifted government agents and those who would use their abilities to corrupt life, death, and that which lies beyond.

Add If Sin Dwells Deep to your Goodreads!

Pre-Order: Kindle Ebook US – UK Australia

AND keep an eye out for my review of If Sin Dwells Deep on September 27!

Have you read If Souls Can Sleep?
What are your thoughts on the cover and synopsis of If Sin Dwells Deep?
Let me know in the comments!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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