Best Bookish Bits

Best Bookish Bits of August 2018

PicsArt_08-23-10.13.18.jpgAugust has now passed. I am a little older and I hope a little wiser, but we are here to talk about the books I have read.

So it was four books again this month. I did manage to read three from my TBR and start a fourth, but I think I should start setting lower reading goals so I do not feel so bad.

Now, I told myself I was not going to buy any books this month, but then Booktopia had my newest favourite book the cheapest I have seen it, so I bought myself a copy of Fawkes by Nadine Brandes! It was my last 5-star read (not including my reread of Fangirl) and it has a stunning cover, so I decided to splash out and spoil myself with a beautiful book I know I will reread many times.

In the bookish merch category, I received an order from Behind the Pages filled with delicious smelling goodies. Check out my Instagram Story Highlight to see what I got in that order. I also got an order from Potions Candle Co which included #amreading, The Great Hall, The Chamber, The Groundskeeper’s Hut, Happee Birthdae and one of her new apothecary candles in the Aragorn scent. There will be more mention of these two companies below…

Because it was my birthday this month and my other BBB (brilliant bookish bestie) gave me a birthday book box! There was a theme of favourite things; some items where inspired by one of my favourite books and other by some of hers.

  • Six of Crows by Leigh Bardugo;
  • Crooked Kingdom Leigh Bardugo;
  • Wylan bath crumble from Behind the Pages;
  • Ketterdam soap from Behind the Pages;
  • Ketterdam candle from Potions Candle Co;
  • Morrigan candle from Potions Candle Co;
  • Jupiter candle from Potions Candle Co;
  • Wunder candle from Potions Candle Co;
  • and a tote bag with the word “Books” in fancy gold script.

It is an incredible box (THANK YOU ALEX!) though there is no picture (yet) because I only just got it and I am at her house, so not near my shelves. Also, is it obvious that we like BtP and PCc?

Finally, although not strictly bookish, I got some Funko pop vinyls for my birthday.

  • Ginny Weasley on the broom;
  • Doctor Strange;
  • Nebula;
  • Rocket Raccoon.

Ginny is now with my Harry on his broom so they can play a game of quidditch together while the other three have joined Groot on my movie shelf! It is quite the sarcastic party up there now.

August is always my favourite month (because presents) and this year it was a pretty good month.
Let me know what you Best Bookish Bits of August were in the comments!

Until next month bibliophiles!

Amy x

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