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Review – If Sin Dwells Deep by David Michael Williams

Earlier this year I read If Souls Can Sleep and really enjoyed it, so when David contacted me asking if I would like to review the second book in the series, my answer was obviously YES!

First I would like to mention the cover (pictured below). If Souls Can Sleep had a spooky death vibe, which I loved, but If Sin Dwells Deep is just WOW with the angry wolf and fire. Definitely had me intrigued about what would happen in the book!

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Title: If Sin Dwells Deep

Author: David Michael Williams

Genre: Science Fiction – Fantasy

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: One Million Words

Format: E-book

Release: October 2, 2018

This book was interesting right from the start. There is a new bunch of characters but a few familiar names, which made it intriguing.

Allison Greene leads a mostly boring life with the exception of her job as a graphic designer and her nighttime adventures as Syn, a goddess in the dreamscape. Where Allison is religious, polite and conservative, Syn has an ‘I don’t give a F[word]’ attitude and dresses more like a prostitute.

Eben is Heimdall the watchman in the dreamscape and a blind man with a lot of secrets in the real world. He helps Allison/Syn a lot but also delivers one of my favourite lines in the book: “I am speaking English. It’s not my fault you speak American.”

These two try to keep their real-world time a secret but, in the dreamscape, these two are paired up to assist Odin with a secret and forbidden mission to save one of their own who has been trapped in someone else’s dream.

There were times I felt the story dragging a little or perhaps not holding my interest the way I hoped it would. The first book had been so fast-paced whereas this one had more downtime but the last 25% of the book was my YES moment! There were scattered moments that linked to If Souls Can Sleep which were interesting to see from another perspective, but it was the ending and how it somewhat explained the first book while also leaving a massive ‘OHMYGOSH YOU CAN’T DO THAT TO ME’ feeling as the book concludes.

I still was not fond of the flicking POV’s or what I believe was an inconsistent timeline, but it is clear there is a plan for the book three and I am interested to see where it goes. The only real complaints I have are:

  • I detested reading about William because his character ticks me off;
  • there were so many times I wondered if watching a specific Marvel movie had inspired the dreamscape shenanigans;
  • Syn “let out a breath she hadn’t realized she was holding.”

Star Rating: ☆☆☆

This is a 3.5 star for me simply because I did not enjoy it as much as I did the first book, but it is still a good book with an extremely interesting and somewhat terrifying concept at its heart.

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What do you think about the idea of living in and controlling a dream?
Let me know your thoughts in the comments.

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by David Michael Williams

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