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I am an Honorary Member of the Kooky Kids’ Club!

Let me share with you one of the coolest notes I have ever received.


The two “kooky” facts I supplied were:
– I seem to be more creative when I am sick, and;
– I love colourful things but feel uncomfortable wearing anything that isn’t black.

Allow me to explain.

Addressing the wearing black but loving colour first. In general, I love bright, colourful things and dislike colourless, dull things. My room is a rainbow; I have made an effort to make everything from my bedsheets to bookshelves as colourful as possible. I have even covered my white bedroom doors in colourful stickers. I also like to be colourful so I make an effort to have colourful items in my outfit, such as jewellery, my handbag and my blue shoes! There have even been times where my hair has been bright, firetruck red, vibrant purple or, on one occasion by accident, it was so orange I looked like I should have been on a Fanta commercial.
I just struggle wearing clothes that are not black because almost every time I try to wear something colourful, I spill something on my clothes and then go nuts whenever I notice the stain. So for as long as I am a clutz, expect to see me in black at least 95% of the time.

As for being more creative when I am sick, I think it is because my logical side gets shut down. Some of the ideas I get when sick may seem “normal” and they probably are, but ask me to come up with an idea when I am healthy and I often come up blank. It also applies to my writing abilities because when I am sick, for reasons I know not of, my brain seems to click into creative mode and write thousands of words my non-sick-self has struggled to write.
For example, I spent months trying to finish a short story. I had written about two and a half thousand words and got stuck. Then I got a head cold and BAM! Four and a half thousand words are written in an afternoon. A week later, healthy me did a little proofreading and it was done. I honestly do not understand but I am not going to complain about this kooky trait!

Now for some book news!
DRBT digital reads blog tours

Keep an eye out for the Digital Reads Blog Tour happening next week from December 3 to December 8! My review of Robbie Yates’ The Kooky Kids Club will be up on December 4, but I encourage you to check out the other blogs on this tour as there are some great bloggers on this list!


Maxine is smart, quirky, and a bit of a misfit. One day, she receives a mysterious invitation to a meeting of the “Kooky Kids’ Club.”
Things are looking bright. It’s nice to finally have a real group of friends. Then Maxine’s teacher disappears.
Maxine doesn’t know what happened to her beloved teacher, or how she can help. But if anybody has the smarts to help Miss Thompson, it’s Maxine and the Kooky Kids’ Club…

This quirky chapter book is for the best kind of kids—the ones who are a little bit kooky!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

11 thoughts on “I am an Honorary Member of the Kooky Kids’ Club!”

  1. Amy, this my darling was simply awesome…. I loved your back story… I loved knowing you are a klutz like me, I keep tripping and falling most times… I would love to see your rainbow colored room. Just imagining it to be so vibrant reminded me of when I wanted and loved bright colored things.
    I had my phase of wearing only black till my sister dumped all my clothes and refused to come out shopping with me till I was ready to buy colored ones. I bought navy blue, she gave up on me!!
    Your post reminded me of my good days. Thank you for that…
    You are simply wonderful
    I loved the fact your brain allows the creative half to take over when you are not well…. Wow fascinating

    Liked by 2 people

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