Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Least Favourite Tropes

The theme of Top 3 Thursday this week is Least Favourite Tropes. After writing this post, I discovered that the tropes I dislike the most all seem to have something to do with love… sure, overthrowing the government or ugly-turn-pretty-thanks-to-a-makeover is annoying, but the following really irks me.

Love Triangles

I am very much against love triangles – or any other shape for that matter – but it shows up way too often. If there is going to be a romance, I only want to see one love interest. Unreciprocated love is one thing, but when the female MC cannot decide between boy A and boy B GAHHH! I have two beliefs when it comes to love. Not everyone will agree with me, but they are:
1. If you are single or dating (as in, not a long-term, committed relationship) and are “in love” with two people, chose the second because you would not have fallen for them if you were truly in love with the first.
2. If you are in a committed relationship, decide if your current relationship is worth fighting for or at least have the decency to end it before testing the waters the other person. I hate cheaters.

Hate-to-Love Romance

Another “love” one but I cannot stand it when jerks become sweet or bitches become kind and all of a sudden they love each other. People getting to know each other and falling for each other is fine. However, if you hate someone enough to go out of your way to be horrible to them, you must know them well enough to know if you might like them or not. Also, if someone had spent months or years being horrible to me, I would not enter into a relationship with them no matter how nice they became. A leopard never changes its spots, but it can hide them for a while.

Small Towns are Bad or Boring

I have lived in both small towns and metropolitan areas. I can see benefits to living closer to the city, but small towns have charm, community and where I also have some pretty awesome beaches and gorgeous rural views. Sure, they may be “boring” to those who thrive on the busy city life, but I hate seeing MCs complaining about being in a small town. I dislike it even more when, in the end, the MC decides that small towns are not all that bad or that they really like being there, especially when the reason they now “love” the small town is a love interest. Thanks for bitching about something I love (small towns) and then changing your mind for “love”.

What is your least favourite trope?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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