Merch Monday

Merch Monday: Starlit Ink Designs – Peter Kavinsky Lip Balm

I have purchased a few lip balms from Lit Balms in the past. Some I kept for myself and others were given as gifts. Recently, Lit Balms changed their name to Starlit Ink Designs and added a heap of new scents and fandoms to the lip balm range.

Peter Kavinsky Lip Balm Starlit Designs

One of the new character lip balms is Peter Kavinsky – the swoon-worthy book boyfriend from To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before. I have not read the book (I may get there one day), but I did think the Netflix movie was cute.

This Peter Kavinsky inspired lip balm is chocolate and spearmint scented. Neither scent overpowers the other and it is a pleasant combination to have on your lips and, as such, right under your nose. While these lip balms are not designed to tint your lips, I am fond of the light blue colour of the lip balm. I also really like the label design and how they now feature the scents with the name rather than just in the ingredients list as it was for Lit Balms.

While the appearance is great, what we should all care about most is the performance of a product like this.
I am used to using soft lip balms that I feel the need to slather onto my lips, but this is more solid and a thin layer is enough for me to feel it is doing the job. I also think this lip balm does a better job of what it is supposed to do (seal in moisture and protect from the elements, such as dry or cold air) than other lip balms I have tried. I have only ever had to reapply this lip balm after eating or washing my face while many others I feel the need to “top up” every hour or so.

In case you could not tell, I really like the lip balms from Starlit Ink Designs. There are plenty of scents and fandoms for you to chose from

I also want to mention that Starlit Ink Designs still have some leftover Lit Balms products which have been discounted by 30% and some Christmas lip balms that are currently 20% off. This is a great way to try the lip balms for a little less!

What is your favourite scent to have in a lip balm and thus be smelling all day?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x


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