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Review – The Princess and the Peacock by C.S. Johnson

In 2018, I read a few C.S. Johnson books and have so far enjoyed her writing. As such, when I saw this fae/fairytale I desperately wanted to know if the new Birds of Fae series could be my new fairy tales.


Title: The Princess and the Peacock

Author: C.S. Johnson

Genre: Fantasy – Retelling – Romance

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: C.S. Johnson

Release: January 25, 2018

Available Format(s): PaperbackEbook

Similar to a fairytale you may have read before. Magic, beautiful birds and a powerful message.

Kaipo wants to be free of his scars so he can be beautiful enough to win the heart of Princess Mele. In an attempt to achieve that goal, he and his brother (of sorts) climb a mountain that is said to have a fae Queen residing at the top. For those who manage to reach the top, Jaya will grant them a wish. However, she may interpret your wish in anyway she chooses. It is this little catch that sees Kaipo become beautiful, but not a beautiful human. Kaipo is now a peacock.

This is a 100(ish) page book so it should be a quick read. This was true for the start, which was intriguing, and the end where everything came together. Unfortunately, I found the middle rather slow. Perhaps this was intentional to force the reader to slow down and fully appreciate the meaning of the story.

The message was one of my favourite things about the book. One’s worth is not determined by their appearance or their rank. True beauty is in one’s soul. Kindness is more valuable and attractive than looks, especially to those who are truly worth having in your life.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I will be honest and say The Princess and the Peacock did not excite me as I had hoped it would BUT I did like the story and I am interested to read the next book in this new Fae series.

Are you a fan of fairytales? Do you enjoy a retelling? Tell me some of your favourites in the comment section!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by C.S. Johnson.

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