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Writing Update: March 13, 2019

It has been another interesting month, but writing has been more in focus and for that I am thankful! I have made some progress and set myself some challenges, one that makes me particularly anxious, so let’s dive in!

So first up, my goal from last month was, and I quote, “FINISH A SCENE GOSHDARN IT AMY!”
Did I do it?
I wrote the first scene and even rediscovered a song I used to listen to that was the perfect background song for writing it! Maybe that is what I had been missing.

You may also remember my mentioning a writing group… That happened. It was nice to meet other people with an interest in writing. Unfortunately, the regular meet up is during my work hours so that is not going to a realistic option.

However, I did do something a tad crazy. I have signed myself up for the April Camp NaNoWriMo!
So Amy, why are you doing that to yourself while juggling work and university?
Because I am obviously insane and a sucker for punishment, but also because I want to write a book. I have set the goal low – only 500 words a day – so I encourage myself to write a little every day without setting the bar too high! There was also mention of some campers and cabins so maybe some writing buddies will come from that.

So my goals for next month are as follows:

  • Write 500 words every day (or at least average 3,500 words a week);
  • Find more motivational/inspirational songs as that seemed to work well.

I will let you know how I am going with those goals on April 17. That will be just over halfway through Camp NaNoWriMo so I am hoping I will have something good to report and hopefully that is at least 8,000 words.

What are your writing goals?
Also, do you find something helpful to motivate or inspire you as you write? Perhaps a song, a candle, a food, etc. Let me know! You may just hold the key to me writing my masterpiece.

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

2 thoughts on “Writing Update: March 13, 2019”

    1. Wow! That is amazing! I too am working on finishing my first novel… It is not the first one I have started, but it is definitely the first one I have been truly passionate about writing and, yes, it is both scary and exciting!
      I would love to be NaNo buddies. If you know how to buddy up on the NaNo site(s), my username is zanybibliophile 🙂


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