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Review – The Whispers by Greg Howard

PicsArt_03-18-09.26.42.jpgTitle: The Whispers

Author: Greg Howard

Genre: Fantasy

Age Classification: Middle Grade

Publisher: Puffin

Release: January 15, 2019

Available Format(s): Paperback – Ebook

Riley is a young boy missing his mama. He is convinced that the whispers she used to tell him stories about are the key to bringing her back. Riley is also convinced that his mama is gone because of his other condition.

It was difficult to get into this story and the main reason is Riley. For me, it was obvious that Riley was not coping with the loss of his mother and that the story would be a lot different if told through another’s POV. He is clearly in his own little fantasy world and has obviously suffered from more than the loss of his mama, but I thought he was selfish and unnecessarily rude to those around him. 

I also found the storyline boring.  Nothing of interest happened and Riley’s ‘journey’ lacked excitement. Perhaps it was because I predicted most of the story after reading the first few chapters, but the parts of the story that should have made me cry did not even evoke an emotional response. Even the ending was disappointing. No sooner has Riley faced some hard truths and started getting better

However, my biggest issue with the book was how it handled Riley’s sexuality. While there were a few comments about not liking girls and a scene that focuses on his attraction to boys, instead of using words such as ‘gay’ or ‘homosexual’, it was consistently referred to as his other condition. I am aware that this is how it does get referred to by some individuals, but to me, it felt like this little boy liking other boys was a medical condition in need of curing and that did not sit right with me. It is likely this was what the author was trying to achieve, but it made me dislike a book I already was not enjoying as much as I had hoped to.

Star Rating: ☆☆

The beautiful cover was what attracted me to the book and the synopsis was promising, but this book did not live up to my expectations.

Have you been disappointed by a book recently?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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