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Blog Tour & Review – Sky by Ondine Sherman

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Thanks to AusYABloggers and Pantera Press for sending me a copy of Sky by Ondine Sherman and including me in the Sky Blog Tour!

Be sure to check out the other reviews by checking out the other stops on the blog tour! There are already a few interesting reviews and beautiful images that have been posted over the past two days and I am sure there will be plenty more before the tour is over. Just look at the cover!


Title: Sky

Author: Ondine Sherman

Genre: Contemporary – Romance

Age Classification: Young Adult

Publisher: Pantera Press

Release: April 15, 2019 (Originally June 28, 2017)

Available Format(s): PaperbackEbook

Sky, a vegan and animal activist, has just lost her mother and now has to move to a country town in Australia. She quickly realises that she is out of place and has to face the tough choice of what is easy and what is right.

I did not like Sky (the character). I can understand that it is difficult to lose someone you love, especially a parent, and I can only imagine how much harder it would be to also relocate to a new place. However, I think Sky handle it terribly. She was constantly complaining, lied to almost everyone, and had little to no respect for anyone. The way she treats her aunt is horrible and I am disgusted in the way she uses genuine people while she goes against her beliefs to impress the popular girl who has no interest in being her friend.

I was rather impressed with the adult involvement in the story. So often in YA the parents or adult involvement is rare, but this novel had both Sky’s aunt and uncle making significant efforts to support Sky. Even when Sky pushed them away or did something completely irresponsible, they provided advice and helped where they could.

While I am not a vegan, I am passionate about animal welfare so I can appreciate that element of the book. The lengths Sky goes to is a little extreme for me, but I am in support of her goal for cruelty-free farming. I liked that Sherman mentioned Voiceless, the animal protection institute she co-founded with her father, to allow others to look further into animal rights and increase the awareness without making the organisation a focus of the book. However, I was not a fan of how forceful the vegan element was. In fact, it really irked me. I have no problem with those who chose to live a vegan lifestyle and respect their beliefs and dedication, but I am not okay with it being forced upon people or for meat-eaters to be shamed for eating meat.

The book was an easy read with accessible language and I liked the country setting. The book features many topics that could start some very intriguing conversations, especially amongst teenagers. Unfortunately, I personally could not connect to the character of Sky and there were small elements that I won’t mention for spoiler reasons which made it a not-so-enjoyable read for me.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆

All that said, I am rather interested to read Snow, the second book in the Animal Allies Series that will be released in July 2019. This one is set in Alaska as she goes to meet her father for the first time and, after reading the preview at the end of Sky, I am curious to see where that story will go.

Remember to check out the other stops on the AusYABloggers Sky Blog Tour!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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