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Writing Update: June 19, 2019

Hello people of the internet. It is I, Amy, here with another edition of how terrible I am at reaching goals!

This does not mean that I have done nothing because I have! It is just not the something I had intended to do.

Amy, you are sounding very zany today! What do you mean?

I know and thanks for asking.

So last month I set myself the goal of reaching 15,000 words on my WIP.

After I began my University break, I dove into reading. I have been so happy with the amount I have read. However, this does mean I neglected writing for a couple weeks.


But all is not lost! Well, some words were… I came back with fresh eyes and read over what I had already written. Then I edited.

See, my story had changed direction ever so slightly from where I started. This meant I had to go back take out a few details that no longer applied, add in a few things so they had more meaning when they came up later on. While I was at it, I also corrected spelling mistakes, reduced wordiness, etc.

All in all, my word count is around the same as it was a month ago but I have made progress on my WIP, just not in the way I had hoped to. I am not sure if this is the best thing to have done, but I do not feel bad about it so I am hoping that is a good thing!

So what is my goal for the next month?

Well, it is July soon and that means another Camp NaNoWriMo! I think my goal this time will be a time goal. Write for 30 minutes a day. Easy enough to achieve on days I work and I hope that I can achieve more of that on my days off.

Question for my fellow literators: Do you edit as you go or do you finish your first draft first?

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

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