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Blog Tour & Review – All That Impossible Space by Anna Morgan

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ScheduleThank you to Aus YA Bloggers and Hachette Australia for providing me with a copy of the debut novel by Australian author Anna Morgan, All That Impossible Space.

I am one of three kicking off this blog tour, so be sure to check out the tour posts on 1 Girl 2 Many Books and Seventyeight Sundays today and keep an eye out for all the other posts on the accounts listed in the image here.

PicsArt_06-23-12.12.38.jpgTitle: All That Impossible Space

Author: Anna Morgan

Genre: Contemporary – Mystery

Age Classification: Young Adult

Publisher: Lothian Children’s Books

Release: June 25, 2019

Available Format(s): Paperback – Ebook

Part high school contemporary, part mystery, this debut novel is quite an impressive story.

Lara Laylor is in year 10 in an Australian all-girls school. Lara is unsure of herself but wants to be known as Lara, not just Hannah’s little sister or Ash’s friend. However, Lara also struggles to make any decisions for herself. Everything Ash wants to do is done, everything Ash likes is the right thing to like and Lara should not do anything, even on her own, if Ash would not approve.
And then Lara’s world begins to change.

After landing herself a role in the play Ash forced her to audition for and making some new friends, Lara begins to view Ash in a new light. Add in a new history teacher who gives her a true-crime assignment as well as extra attention as she shows her interest in the subject and Lara becomes tangled in a much larger web than she could have ever imagined.

I very much enjoyed the way this story was told. Scattered through the book are case notes of the assignment Lara is given which helped bring life to a real case. I had not heard of the Somerton Man before but, after looking it to a little myself, I think it was informative and respectfully portrayed.

As for the contemporary side, I liked that this novel highlighted toxic relationships. Be it a friend, sibling, teacher or romantic interest, it is not always obvious to recognise you are the victim of a toxic person. There were subtle hints right from the start of this story showing just how controlling, damaging and even scary those toxic relationships can be. I also liked that this was balanced out by showing what a healthy relationship looks like and how people who truly care for you act and react.

I was impressed with how complex the story was with its very heavy and serious topics while also being a well written and enjoyable read. I was that captivated by Lara, the Somerton Man and their stories that I did not want to put it down. The only complaint I have, and it really is minor, is the ending. It was actually a lovely ending that wrapped up a couple elements, but after being so captivated by the novel and on such a high from all that had happened, the energy of the ending fell a bit flat for me.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I very much enjoyed this book and would recommend it to both teenagers and adults. Not only is it a wonderful book, but I think we can all learn something from this book and that makes this one everyone should add to their TBRs.

And great news: All That Impossible Space is out TOMORROW!
You can pre-order your paperback or ebook copy from Amazon now!

Added bonus for all you Melbourne-based bibliophiles, you can join Anna Morgan at the book launch on July 2 at The Brunswick St Bookstore!
You can check out the details on Anna’s Instagram.

Will you be adding All That Impossible Space to your TBR?
What books have you read about toxic relationships?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A physical copy of this book was supplied to me by Hachette Austalia

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