Writing Updates

Writing Update: July 17, 2019

Hello and welcome to another writing update.

This month we will be looking at the following things:

  • What happened at the end of June;
  • July Camp NaNoWriMo;
  • My current WIP stats;
  • A sanity update;
  • Is Instagram helping me write?
  • My goals for the next month.

Last month I mentioned how my WIP had changed a little and how I went back and edited it. Well, it left gaps in the timeline and highlighted places that needed more information. Knowing the July Camp was coming up, I decided to actually highlight areas that needed more added to the scene, needed more scenes or chapters added between existing scenes and where to put little facts that needed to be hinted at sooner. Yep. The end of June was planning so that July could be writing.

Speaking of July, how is this month’s Camp NaNoWriMo going?
You can Check out my stats here and join me in laughing at my original goal of 10,000 words.
Why would we laugh Amy?
Well, because I have added close to 15,000 words in the past sixteen days, and that is including taking a few days off. I have been trying to stick to my minimum of 30 minutes a day but some days taking care of my mental health wins. Not knowing how productive I would be in those 30 minutes or how many mental health days I would end up taking, I aimed for a realistic number.
If only past Amy knew how well she could do.
For the most part, I have really enjoyed the routine of sitting down and letting the story flow. I have enjoyed it so much that I might try and make it part of my ongoing routine!

This brings my total WIP word count to just over 25,500 words! I am incredibly proud of this number, mostly because it is now well and truly past short story status, and I hope that the little notes and scenes I have written further into the novel help me finish it!
When I finish (because there will be no negative ‘if’s here!) there will have to be a celebration of some sort.

You may have noticed I mention my mental health in these updates and I do that for a reason; It is okay if some days are a writing-free day.
We need to rest, recharge and live so that we can come back to our writing with more motivation and material. I have had a few days like that this month, but for the most part I am doing pretty good. I think the satisfaction of watching my WIP become more novel-like is motivating me to keep going.

I have had another little motivator this month. I have been posting daily updates on my writing progress and I have found it beneficial.
1. I do not like sharing that I failed to reach my 30 minute goal
2. The wonderful messages of encouragement I have received! These are people I hope will one day read what I am writing, so it is nice to have them cheering me on during the creation process.

So what are my goals for the following month? To have my WIP at 35,000 words which involves writing another 10,000 words. It feels achievable and I hope I can make it happen!

Talk to me!
How are you going with your WIP(s)?
Any writing goals for the next month?
And for those who have written a book, how did you celebrate finishing your first draft?

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

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