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Review – Song for a Lost Kingdom by Steve Moretti

This book cover captured my attention a year ago and the synopsis convinced me I had to read it but, as it is for many, my TBR is massive and it got lost amongst the many other unread books. The past few days have changed the fate of the novel and it now sits on the (virtual) read shelf.

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Title: Song for a Lost Kingdom

Author: Steve Moretti

Genre: Historical – Science Fiction

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: DWA Media

Release: July 16, 2018

Available Format(s): PaperbackEbook

Adeena Stuart is a musician who wants nothing more than to play in the National Arts Centre Orchestra. Then her grandmother finds and sends her an untitled musical score and the oldest surviving cello made in the UK is part of a display at her place of work. The music and the instrument are connected to both each other and to Adeena, who bends and breaks rules to play the score on that cello. However, once she does, Adeena suddenly finds herself in 1745 Scottland as Katharine Carnegie.

Adeena was a difficult character for me to connect with. I found her very selfish and caring little for the people around her. Both her boyfriend and her best friend would do anything for Adeena, but she is more concerned about securing a place in the orchestra and, later on, finding any way she can to play the five-thousand-dollar cello that she is legally not supposed to even touch.

Tina is a great friend to Adeena, Phillipe is almost the perfect romantic interest and both their characters are well-formed and play an important role in this story. Adeena’s parents, William and Jackie, are rather interesting. One is swept away by family history; the other is concerned about the mental state of their daughter. However, both have colourful personalities and seem to be wonderful, caring and supportive parents.

I much prefer Katherine’s time for the mystery element and the history of Scottland during the time of the Jacobites (yes, Outlander fans, you read that right!). The language was much more descriptive and the world, although in a much harsher time, seemed more magical and passionate. There are a few key players, though James Drummond is certainly a character to keep your eye on.

The plot was interesting and the pacing was consistent, but I personally found it to be very slow. I also found the switching of POV to be a little jarring, especially at the beginning when it was not overly clear a POV change had occurred. However, I feel that the end of this book saved it. It was exciting, faster-paced and added more intrigue to the story. The novel did a brilliant job of ending on a cliffhanger and has secured me as a reader for book two.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆

I would say this is a 3.5 for me, but I was not getting the enjoyment I had hoped to get from this book until the last 15-20% of the novel. I am hoping book two continues the elements I liked about the ending and gives us more of the 1700’s Scotland.

Next week, I will be part of the Digital Reads Blog Tour for Book Two of the Song for a Lost Kingdom trilogy. Keep an eye out for my review of the second instalment next Tuesday!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by Digital Reads Blog Tours

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