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Blog Tour & Review – Song for a Lost Kingdom II by Steve Moretti

DRBT digital reads blog toursLast week I reviewed Song for a Lost Kingdom. This week, thanks to Digital Reads Blog Tours, I am reviewing the second book! As an added bonus, I also have an excerpt for you!


Title: Song for a Lost Kingdom II

Author: Steve Moretti

Genre: Historical – Science Fiction

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: DWA Media

Release: July 30, 2019

Available Format(s): PaperbackEbook


Adeena collapsed onto the bed in her private chamber at Hamilton Palace.  

The recently widowed Lady Anne Hamilton had shown her to the room and asked a servant to draw her a hot bath. It was the best Christmas present anyone could possibly give her, she thought. The cold from every part of her body ached for the balm of something warm. 

A hot bath and clean clothes awaited her and the thought of them made all her pains a bit more tolerable. 

When the bath was ready, with fragrant perfume and oils, and most importantly with steaming water, she let herself enjoy the feeling that transcended any bathing experience she had ever had before. It felt like a tiny part of the future had slipped back into the past. 

As she closed her eyes she thought of James and about her situation. For anyone knew, she was Katharine Carnegie, sister of George and Sir James Carnegie. Her aunt was Lady Margaret St. Clair, who still fought to retain her hold on Kinnaird Castle against the attainder of her first husband’s estates and titles. 

She wondered about Katharine Carnegie. Have I become her? What happened to her or have we somehow switched places in time? Are we the same person, the same soul, the same spirit? 

“Lady Katharine?” 

It was the servant who had drawn her bath, knocking on the door. 


“When you are complete, I will aid you to dress for dinner. Lady Anne has seated you with the Duke of Perth,” the servant announced through the door.  

“Thank you, I’ll be don.. uh complete, in a few minutes. That work?” 

There was a pause. Adeena realized that sometimes her vocabulary confused those around her. 

“I will return presently,” she servant responded.  

Presently? Adeena smiled.  

She closed her eyes again. The Duke of Perth, James Drummond – the man who perhaps loved Katharine and perhaps, her. But he seemed to be keeping his distance. He was unlike any man she had ever known in her own time. How much was him and who he was as a person? Or was it just the culture and time they were in – 1745 Scotland? 

It was probably impossible to separate the two, and she had no plan for how she could save him from dying a few days after his 33rd birthday, less than five months from today. Stories she had listened to her from her grandmother, about the misery of ‘Ashlynne’ had always gripped Adeena as a moving tale from a far away place and time. But now she was in the story, not just listening to it.  

Adeena had become the woman in her grandmother’s dreams.  

Katharine, not Ashlynne. Determined, not afraid.  

She would change history.  

Or die trying. 

Now for my review

Adeena Stuart is in a coma in 2019, but is living in 1746 Scottland as Katharine Carnegie. With the chance to save James Drummond and be with the man she loves, Adeena is happy to stay in the past. However, present may become more dangerous than being a Jacobite around the battle of Culloden.

Adeena was different in book 2 and I like her a lot more for it. Although still a little selfish, she was more giving and willing to risk both lives to save the people she loves. Although Adeena does not have quite the same focus on music as she did in the first novel, it is still very much a part of her. She just has more to be passionate about. It is like in the first book her soul was lost, now she is finding her true self. However, I much prefer her as Katherine in Katherine’s time. Luckily for me, there was more of the 1700’s in book 2.

James Drummond’s character was an intriguing one to follow through his many highs, lows and conflicting emotions. The story of a Jacobite who is passionate about the cause, but would rather stay with the woman he loves.

William and Jackie became more compelling in this novel. It is clear they fear for their daughter and that her coma is testing them and their relationship in ways that no one should ever experience, but it offers them a chance to grow and watching that unfold made the story more interesting.

The plot continued its consistent pacing, he POV switches seemed to flow a little better and I found I was a little more invested in the story, though I still found it to be very slow read. I think the novel is just too dense for me. There is a whole lot going on at once and there is also a lot of information, both of which make the story feel longer than it actually is.

While I enjoyed this book more than the first, I again believe that the highlight of the novel came at the end. Another intriguing and rather shocking cliffhanger suggests book 3 will be a book of ‘oh my gosh’s.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆

This is another 3.5 for me. I liked the story and the series is improving as it goes along. I am interested to see what book 3 has in store for us.

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Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A digital copy of this book was supplied to me by Digital Reads Blog Tours

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