My Zany Bookshelf

My Zany Bookshelf: Reading Update

It has been a while since I have done a My Zany Bookshelf post, so I thought I would revive MZB with a reading update!

What have I just read?
I have just finished books 1 and 2 of Song for a Lost Kingdom by Steve Moretti. These were interesting, I like the concept and I am fond of 1745 Scotland being one of the settings, but I found them to be rather slow. You can read my reviews here for book 1 and here for book 2.

TDC SquareWhat am I currently Reading?
I am close to finishing The Delinquent Crown by Sydney Faith. This is a YA fantasy adventure novel that sees two orphaned teens suddenly discover Olexia – a world of magic, secrets and danger. I was a beta reader for this book a while ago and it has been wonderful re-experiencing the world in the polished version.
There is a blog tour for this book happening on August 21 at 6pm CDT (which is August 22 9am AEST) and it is filled with so many goodies! You will most certainly want to keep an eye out for that!

What do I plan to read next?
There are two books on my immediate TBR and they are Snow by Ondine Sherman, which is the sequel to Sky, and The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan.
Snow is a YA contemporary following the character of Sky, a vegan and animal activist, who has traveled from Australia to Alaska to get to know the father she never knew. I was not overly fond of the first book, but I am curious about what book two will bring and hopeful I will be pleasantly surprised.
The Land of Roar is a middle-grade fantasy adventure. I have seen it being compared to The Chronicles of Narnia, Wizard of Oz, Peter Pan and The Bridge To Terabithia, all of which I have enjoyed, so I am hoping this will be another fun read!

Talk to me!
What books are you planning to read in the very near future?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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