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Blog Tour & Review – Snow by Ondine Sherman


Thanks to AusYABloggers and Pantera Press for sending me a copy of Snow by Ondine Sherman, the sequel to Sky, and including me in the Snow Blog Tour!

It is only day one of the tour, but I encourage you to read the other posts up today then come back and check out the others during the week!
All links can be found on the AusYABloggers Tour page!

You can also find the author, Ondine Sherman, on Instagram, Twitter and Goodreads. If you are passionate about animal welfare, consider giving her a follow and checking out Voiceless, the animal protection organisation Ondine co-founded.


Title: Snow

Author: Ondine Sherman

Genre: Contemporary – Romance

Age Classification: Young Adult

Publisher: Pantera Press

Release: July 15, 2019

Available Format(s): PaperbackEbook

Sky is flying to Alaska to meet her father. Since her mother’s death, her life has been a whirlwind (read book one for details), but this adventure will see Sky more outside of her comfort zone than she has ever been before.

Sky is still not a character I am fond of. Her streak of complaining, lying and being reckless from book one continue, but this time it is her father copping the ‘spirited’ teen act. The only way she improved, if you can call it that, is that she seemed to have a little more understanding that not everyone is able to be a vegan but that they can still be passionate about animal welfare. The one element of her character I do admire is her dedication to animals, which she displays more passion for in this novel – no eating chicken to be liked in this novel!

As for the father, Adam, he is not the best at decision making, but he does have a heart. He wants to get to know his daughter – so points for that – but he demonstrates where Sky’s lying habits come from.
The other new character, Jaxon, is a cool guy. He is the lead singer in a band but, unlike the typical drunken womaniser, he is caring and respectful. Due to his alcoholic father disappearing, Jaxon spends a lot of time with Adam and Sky.

The adult involvement that I liked from the first novel was not as strong in the second, though the somewhat flakey characters did step up when needed and there were some wonderful adults who popped into the story.

As with the first book, Snow was easy to read with accessible language and did a wonderful job describing the scenery. It was also set up in a way that you could read Snow as a standalone, though reading Sky first would give the reader a better understanding of Sky’s history. The book continues the animal welfare topics that have the ability to make people think more about how animals are being treated. Although I still struggled with the character of Sky and her very poor decision making, I enjoyed the story much more than I did the first.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

Snow is a great improvement to the Animal Allies series and I am interested to see where book three – Star, which will be released in 2020 – takes the series.

Remember to check out the other stops on the AusYABloggers Snow Blog Tour!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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