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Review – The Land of Roar by Jenny McLachlan

We all know I love a good middle-grade novel, so I was very excited when Hardie Grant Egmont offered me a copy of The Land of Roar to read and review!

PicsArt_08-15-07.26.30.jpgTitle: The Land of Roar

Author: Jenny McLachlan

Genre: Fantasy – Adventure

Age Classification: Middle Grade

Publisher: Hardie Grant Egmont

Release: August 1 (UK) / September 1 (AUS), 2019

Available Format(s): Paperback – Ebook

Roar is a game twins Arthur and Rose made up when they were little. Now they are eleven and Roar is a distant memory. That is until their grandfather is pulled into the z-bed and vanishes and Arthur starts to think Roar is not as imaginary as he believed.

Arthur is a good kid who is not coping with all the changes in his life. A new school and his twin sister has become a stranger. However, Arthur is stronger, braver and able to endure much more than he believes he can.
His sister Rose is more interested in her phone and being seen as cool by the girl next door than she is reminiscing about their younger years. Her attitude towards Arthur and the way she treats him is horrible. She does have some good moments, but she was not a character I wanted to see on the hero side of this story.

Another character worth mentioning is Win. He is a winija – part inept-wizard, part reasonably-skilled-ninja – and definitely the comic relief in the story. He would make jokes during tense moments and fail at magic when he most needed to succeed, but he was kind, supportive and stuck by Arthur throughout the story, even when it was dangerous.

Roar itself is described as magical and beautiful but broken after being neglected by the twins for so long. All the descriptions were wonderful and I could picture myself exploring Roar alongside Arthur. Also, there were dragons that played an important role in the adventure and we all know I love a good dragon!

The pace of this story worked really well with the timeline of the story and the short chapters made it feel quick. This is also a great feature for younger readers who prefer or benefit from shorter chapters. The language was mostly fun and easy to read, and the dialogue was appropriate for a younger audience. The villain, Crowky, was perhaps a little scary for the younger MG readers (I am certain I would have had nightmares as an 8-year-old with an active imagination) but that is a credit to how well Crowky was described and the different font used for his dialogue to emphasise his creepy voice.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I enjoyed the read and would be glad to visit Roar again, I just hope Rose has a better attitude.

What is a character you dislike and why?
Share in the comments!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

A physical copy of this book was supplied to me by Hardie Grant Egmont

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