My Zany Bookshelf

My Zany Bookshelf: TBR Trolley

I have seen a lot of people with their cute little book trolleys for a while now. I like that is has a library vibe to it, but it is also handy for extra book storage or as a designated spot for a physical TBR.

I have been keeping my TBR on a table, but it gets in the way and looks messy. With only a small amount of room left in my part of the house, I decided to give this trolley idea a go. I found a flat-pack trolley for $30, put it together and filled it with books I have been wanting to read.

This means there are a few noticeable gaps in my shelves that are bothering me a little.
Why have I done this to myself?
My idea is that if the gap is bothering me enough, I will make more effort to read the book so it can go back. This has worked with two books so far and I hope this motivator continues to work.

So what books from my shelves are currently in my TBR trolley?

Cinder – Marissa Meyer

This is a buddy re-read with a couple of friends, so it is at the top of my physical TBR right now.

Emergence – Gaja J. Koz and Boris Kos

This is an ARC which already has a spot on my shelves waiting for it next to book one in the series, Evenfall.

Carry On – Rainbow Rowell

I have been convinced this needs to be read ASAP, especially since Wayward Son will be hitting shelves very soon.

Akarnae – Lynette Noni

A book gifted to me by someone who wanted to know what I thought. It has been a while, so it is one I need to get to soon.

Muse of Nightmares – Laini Taylor

This is because I am a scaredy-cat and not wanting to be disappointed. I loved the last third of Strange the Dreamer, but I fear more of the first two thirds which almost resulted in me DNFing the first book.

The Cruel Prince – Holly Black

Another book that someone wants my opinion on, so it is in the trolley.

Ice Wolves – Amie Kaufman

I have both this and book 2 in the Elementals series, Scorch Dragons, sitting on my shelf, but I have been a little scared I will not love them as much as I do Amie’s science fiction books.

The Shadow of Bone Trilogy and Six of Crows Duology – Leigh Bardugo

All five books were gifts from a fan of these books and the fate of our friendship will be determined by how much I like (or do not like) them. No pressure.

Talk to me!
How do you encourage yourself to get through your physical TBR?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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