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Review – Tales of the Dark by Kit Fennessy

I have wanted to read more books by Aussies for a while and I think I have done a pretty good job of that in the past year. I have also been fortunate enough to listen to a few local authors talk about their books and writing processes, which has not only inspired me but also introduced me to books I would probably have not come across.

This is one of those books.

PicsArt_09-12-01.17.07.jpgTitle: Tales of the Dark

Author: Kit Fennessy

Genre: Fiction – Poetry

Age Classification: Adult

Publisher: Blue Vapours Publishing

Release: 2013

Available Format(s): Paperback

Tales of the Dark is a collection of short stories and poems.

The stories and poems included are eclectic, but it keeps the collection interesting in a “what type of story are you going to get next?” kind of way. The stories and poems are of a slightly dark nature – no light and fluffy stories here – but there is also other elements and emotions present giving each ‘Tale of the Dark’ its own unique feel.

I also believe that some of the stories were a little allegory, including my favourite short story, Cedric ChattrelIt is the last story in the collection, but it was the one I connected to the most. I felt it held a deeper meaning than the surface story suggests and perhaps even a life lesson. 

It was not as polished as most books I read, but I did like the authenticity and uniqueness of the collection. I also thought the blacking out of words was an interesting feature as sometimes it was clear what the word likely was and other times it was a little more of a puzzle. While I was not a fan of every story and poem based on my personal taste, there is a clear passion for storytelling present on every page.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆

I also had the wonderful opportunity to interview Kit Fennessy recently and you can find that interview here!
Kit is a very interesting man to listen to and some of the things he had to say were very inspiring. If you have the time, I very much recommend reading what he had to say!

Also, for anyone wondering why I have photographed the book with Potions Candle Co‘s Plot Twist candle, it was for two reasons: I wanted to cover the neon green library stickers (not visually pleasing AT ALL) and ‘plot twist’ is rather accurate for many of the stories and poems featured in the Tales of the Dark collection.

What are some of your favourite local authors?
Share them with me in the comments!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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