Writing Updates

Writing Update: September 18, 2019

Time for another writing update! It has not been an easy month for many reasons, but it is not all bad news! Here is what is on the agenda this month:

  • The end of August;
  • How I went with last month’s goal;
  • My current WIP stats;
  • Work/School/Reading/Blogging/Writing/Not-Going-Insane balance;
  • My goals for the next month.

August was a terrible month for my WIP. Emotional rollercoaster plus being sick did not make for an enjoyable month. However, it did end with my birthday which came with a few days of relaxation.
I decided not to push myself in the writing department and start again in September. This break allowed me time to breathe, read and return to my WIP with a refreshed mind.

Last month I set myself the goal of writing for one hour a week which, by now, should have been a total of five hours. I have managed to write for an hour a week twice, though not in one hour blocks, so that is two of the five hours I had hoped for.

Speaking of my WIP, the word count has not increased by much. Being back at school means I have to prioritise my time and assignments have to come first. I have managed to add about 2K words during the few mini writing sessions I just mentioned. I am hoping to add at least another 2K words before the end of the month and I should reach that if I stick to my hour of writing on a Sunday night.

Now, mental health has been something I have discussed many times in these updates and it because I want to be honest with you all. Juggling work, school, review requests, my blog and my WIP has been a little much. I have good days and bad days. I have learned how to manage it to a point and get most of it done, but sometimes something has to give and recently it has been my creative side taking the hit. 

Given I have not had the best of luck for the last month and a half, I am sticking with my low(ish) goal of one hour a week. Hopefully, the passion and creativity come back soon.

Talk to me!
How do you handle mental blocks or busy schedules when writing?

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

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