Goals and TBRs

2019 Goals – Third Check-In

Nine months down and only three to go! The end of 2019 is approaching way to fast for my liking, but it is time to check in on the goals I set myself a little over nine months ago.

  • Read 50 books.
    I am currently sitting at 40 finished books and am confident that I will reach my goal of 50 before the year it up.
  • Write a book!
    My word count of finished first draft is at 28.1k! If you add in the scenes and notes I left for myself as I reach them, my word count is up to 36k. I have not been doing as well in the last two months so my progress is not what I would like it to be, but I am happy that I have made it this far. Hopefully I get some writing mojo and can make 2019 the year I finished a book *fingers crossed*.
  • Keep up with my blog.
    I think I have done well with this goal, at least 90% of the time. Some weeks, I am lucky to post once while others I can have three or four posts ready to go. I would like to say I am motivated to improve this, but I am currently schooling for another two months and am not putting that pressure on myself.
  • Not go crazy on merch.
    I have been brilliant at this goal. There are a few purchase on merch-ish items, but I can count them on one hand. This may change as it leads up to present season, but I am still aiming to keep my merch-for-me purchases to a minimum.
  • Save money.
    Yes, I am doing this, but I have also had some rather large expenses so the savings account is not as high as I would have liked it to be.
  • Explore somewhere new.
    This is becoming less and less likely, unless you count getting lost in the city (somewhere I rarely go) and finding myself no where near anything I recognised as exploring somewhere new. Might have to transfer this to the 2020 goals.
  • Finish my University degree!
    Last unit in progress. Just two more assignments. As long as I pass, I am on track to complete this goal!
  • Enjoy more “me time”.
    I have made an effort to read more in the last month and have been squeezing in some crochet time while I am watching something, but this one is difficult to do now that school is back.
  • Improve my health.
    I am doing what I can to make sure I am living a clean, healthy lifestyle and I am also doing my best to keep the mental health on the positive side. Not always easy, but it will not hurt to keep my thoughts positive with everything else going on.
  • Be open to opportunities.
    I feel a lot more confident within myself which is helping me not only be open to opportunities, but also to seek them out. Who am I and what have I done Amy?
  • Be happy.
    There have been a few negatives thrown my way, some of which have made it a struggle to be happy. I am trying to remind myself to look at the positives, focus on the good and find a reason to smile everyday, even if that means watching my dog act like an absolute nutter.

I like being positive and happy in my posts, but I am all about honesty. It has not been the best couple of months, but I am doing okay and doing this goal check-in actually helped me see the progress and refocus on things I can still do before the end of the year.

Tell me about some of your goals!
How are you going with your 2019 goals?
Are there any you have completed or are close to reaching?
Let me know in the comments!

Best of luck with the final three months of 2019 bibliophiles!

Amy x

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