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Review – Cinder by Marissa Meyer

I always find it so difficult to review books I loved, and this is no different. I first read it about three years ago and was surprised by how much I loved it, but it took me a couple months to get the second book and I only just got around to picking the series up again. This review has been sitting here for about a month waiting for me to find the words to review this amazing book.


Title: Cinder

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Science Fiction

Age Classification: Young Adult

Publisher: Puffin

Release: January 3, 2012

Available Format(s): PaperbackHardcoverEbookAudio

Cinder is a cyborg living in New Beijing and working as a mechanic to pay for her step-mother and step-sister’s lifestyle. After meeting Kai, being blamed for her sister’s illness, and volunteered for the cyborg draft that tests the disease wiping out the human race, Cinder is doing everything she can to escape until the fate of a war depends on her.

Cinder is an amazing flawed character. Being a cyborg earns her a lot of prejudice and her step mother does not make life any easier. I love that Cinder is both in survival mode but is not afraid to risk her freedom for the people she cares about.

Iko is a gem and I want her in my life! She is an android with a ‘faulty’ personality chip which makes her sassy and a little inappropriate in all the best ways. As Cinder’s practically perfect sidekick, Iko is easily my favourite character of the entire series.

Prince Kaito, often referred to as Kai, is the next in line for the throne after his father’s passing. He meets Cinder when he is looking for a mechanic to fix his android but he becomes rather fascinated by the girl who does not fall at his feet. It is clear that Kai is stuck between a rock and a hard place while also mourning his father but it was nice to see that, for the most part, he tried his best to remain positive and friendly to everyone.

Adri is Cinder’s stepmother and a massive piece of work. Brilliantly written but a horrible character that I fail to feel anything but immense dislike for and as such will speak of no more.

Levana is the villain from hell. Well, Lunar, but she is wicked in the scariest way. Although they do not call it magic, the people of Lunar have the ability to manipulate people making them do and see whatever it is they want them to see. To make matters worse, Levana is set on marrying Kai to gain some control of Earth.

The writing is incredible, to say the least. The pacing is perfect and the way everything from the settings to character interactions is described so well that I felt like I was there with the characters. As for the plot – WOW! I thought this the first time I read Cinder and my opinion was cemented the second time around. There are small details that mean very little in this book, though seeing how all these fit together in the series is amazing. I also really liked that it was not obvious that foreshadowing was occurring as it felt natural to the events in this book.

Star Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆

I loved this story when I first read it many years ago and I love it just as much, if not more, now.

Have you read the Lunar Chronicles?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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