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Blog Tour: Tainted Lionheart by Christine Weimer

Thanks to Bound to Books Tours, today I am sharing with you an excerpt from Christine Weimer’s Tainted Lionheart.


Christine Weimer is a native New York City writer and co-founder of Our Galaxy Publishing. Her passion for wordplay began at 8-years-old when she explored writing as an outlet of self-expression. The craft has flourished with her through all phases of life- both simple and complex. After obtaining her BA in Creative Writing & Literature, Weimer sought a way to professionally express her voice to promote fresh conversation and thought through open interpretation. She currently resides in Queens, NY with her daughter where she writes and runs her businesses from home. She prides herself on family values and thrives on learning and observing those around her. Tainted Lionheart is her debut collection.
You can check out Christine’s publishing site here.

front cover final (1)Synopsis:

Tainted Lionheart is a collection that focuses on the progressive phases of heartache. Broken into three parts, Christine Weimer takes you on a journey through the bruising and brooding of pain- and the process to which we breathe through it. It speaks to a vast audience in representation of the mess-to-mending of heart. It gives voice to those who need to be reminded that it is okay to hurt, and it is okay to be angry but it is imperative that we find our inner-strength so that we may let go, rise, and begin anew.

The compilation of poetry and prose works you through the motions of honing your inner lionheart by understanding that you are brave enough to recognize hurt, work through your fury, and find ways of acceptance. Though life may taint us, we all have a lion, or lioness, within us.

You can get yourself a copy from Barnes & Noble or Amazon USUKAUS

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Now for an excerpt from Tainted Lionheart:

Lingering Lights

i am racing the streetlights trying to keep up with you.
there you go again, looping through lanes and running red lights
while I trail behind and greet every yielding yellow flash
that forces me to halt while you speed through the HOV lane.

you never did play by the rules.
but recklessness leads to ruin
and you’ve got balls to think you would always
be spared the repercussions of a crash.  

i grip my steering wheel with shaking legs
and I am biting my lip with bulging eyes
waiting for this light to change.
i didn’t know it then, but those drawn out lights saved me. 

kept just enough distance between your careless cruising
so I’d be far away from the colossal-sized crash
i knew you wouldn’t be exempt from.
i passed through your collision from the sidelines, 

thanking God for lingering lights. 


i could flow through poetic form
and expose you with the power
of every one of its devices
that have a little something
to say about the mess you’ve made. 

alliterated words and rhyming stanzas
with personified tales of heartache
could rip your cover to shreds
for the sake of showing the world
what a fool you are. 

but lyrical lines and symbolism
of a scorned woman
will not get through to the mind
that never quite matched mine
in the heights of poetics. 

i could say you held gold in your hands
and still cashed it in for silver.
don’t you know that with enough exposure
to your air that silver’s bound to get tarnished?
that shit won’t last forever. 

how’s that for cut and dry?
what I gave you does not fade with time
and you gave it up despite its rarities.
what a sad poem you would be now.
full of empty metaphors and melancholy irony. 

but no matter how I write you,
it would always end the same.
closing with a foreshadow
to your destined loneliness
and imagery of your shame. 

now that’s poetry. 


you always had a purpose.
you are the daughter of hope
and a sister to resilience
and there is reason for a high chin
when doors open to you.  

but you let the kin of doubt dance around you
and the shadows of fear cover all that is
the mother of a courageous lionheart.

you allowed the views of a cowardly cousin
and the words of broken brothers taint all
that is your motive in this weary world. 

you always had a purpose.
you are the mother of a courageous lionheart.
find your ferocity. 

there is victory in your vigilance. 

Love Song

you’re the one they write love songs about.
the kind that tells the story
of a warm heart turned cold.
the type of love songs we play
to drown the sound of our tears. 

your song is sung in the darkness,
with blankets overhead.
it is written in the lowest of keys.
any musical ear that catches your tune,
will belt you out until voices grow hoarse
and the radio starts skipping. 

eventually you’ll fade
from stuck melodies and blend
with the rest of the one-hit-wonders.
recalled on occasion, echoes of your song
blurring in the back burner of minds.
a love song, igniting memories,
but seldom ever sung
these days.

 For those of you in the US, there is also a GIVEAWAY!

The author, Christine, is running a giveaway from November 13 – 20, 2019. There will be one winner (US Only) and that winner will win a paperback copy of Tainted Lionheart and a bookmark!

You can enter the Rafflecopter Giveaway HERE!

Remember that you can get yourself a copy
from Barnes & Noble or Amazon USUKAUS!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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