Writing Updates

Writing Update: November 20, 2019

I am overdue for a writing update… OOPS!
I did not realise I had missed October until I went to write this post and could not find it. Again, oops!

Anywho, here is what I will cover today and you can read on if you are interested:

  • How I went with my last writing goal;
  • What I have done with my WIP in the past two months;
  • My current roadblocks;
  • My goals for the rest of the year… *panics* how is this year almost over?

So my previous writing goal was to write for an hour a week. I have been doing this… just not on my WIP *hides*.
I have been writing poems, song lyrics and short stories. I have not been in the headspace or had the brain power to focus on my WIP so I decided not to try and add to it. These little activities are not completely removed from my writing goals as they help me capture feelings and set the scene. Some will hopefully help with my current WIP while others may be the starting point for other projects.
For those who have been following my writing journey, you may remember that my current WIP began as a short story and it is now half way to becoming a novel.

As for my WIP, it has not been completely abandoned. I have done some editing, but have not actually added any new scenes or chapters. I am hoping once school finishes and I get my next little challenges out of the way that I can return to my WIP and get some of my ideas onto the page. I am starting to get the itch to return to it, so hopefully the fog in my head is lifting.

After reading the last paragraph, you may have picked up that something is not quite right with me. I have been out of sorts since early August and it all comes down to my health.
My mum always says you can take almost anything from a person and they can keep fighting, but you take their health and life becomes a true struggle. I did not realise just how true that was until the past few months. I am doing my best to stay positive – negative thoughts never help anyone – but some days are a little harder than others, especially when the pain gets too much for me to handle.

Physically and mentally, my health makes up most of my current roadblocks, though the other one has been school. This final unit is kicking my butt. Perhaps because I have been getting sicker the entire time, but it is also a subject where I feel like a complete fish out of water.
Minimal brain power and energy levels at an all time low means assignments are taking me much longer to complete. Luckily, my last assignment is due at the end of this week so, if I meet the deadline and actually pass this unit, I will be done with school *insert celebratory dance here*.

So, what are my writing goals between now and the end of the year?
I am aiming very low here. I want to add to my WIP. I do not care if it is 1k words or 10k words, I want to see the word count rise!

Talk to me!
What are your writing goals for the end of the year?

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

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