Best Bookish Bits

Best Bookish Bits: November 2019

Bring on the Christmas music, twinkling lights and my jingle-jangle jewellery!

It also means it is time for another edition of Best Bookish Bits!

First of all, although it is not exactly book related… I FINISHED UNI!
Very few books were read, but my assignments were completed and submitted on time. Now I just need to wait for them to submit my mark and give me the fancy bit of paper that says I have a degree! Hopefully finishing also means that next months reads list is a little longer.

  • PicsArt_09-19-02.40.39.jpgGraveyard Shift in Ghost Town by Michael Pryor
  • The Space Between Time by Charlie Laidlaw
  • When You Got a Good Thing by Kait Nolan
  • Me and My Books by Penny Harrison

Only 4 this month, but I am still very happy with that. I managed to get my total 2019 reads to 49, so reaching my goal of 50 reads was not too difficult, even with all my reading slumps this year.

Okay, so I have been very good this year and only buying books and merch I REALLY want, but it is the time of year where there are sales and present buying and I am terrible! Well, not too terrible… Not including what I have purchased as gifts, I have only ordered a few things from Ink & Wonder to dress up my wall and I treated myself to the following books:

  • Heartstopper Vol. 1 by Alice Oseman
  • Heartstopper Vol. 2 by Alice Oseman
  • Akarnae (hardcover special edition) by Lynette Noni

As you can see, I obviously had to by the above books because it would be criminal for me not to own them… who am I trying to convince here? *laughs nervously*

So tell me, dear bibliophiles, what was your Best Bookish Bit of November?
Also, what books are you hoping to get for Christmas?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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