Top 3 Thursday

Top 3 Thursday – Bookish Gifts

It is Thursday, dear bibliophiles, and that means it is time for another Top 3 Thursday list!

Bookish gifts sounds easy but, when gifting to a bookworm, it can actually be incredibly difficult. Let’s be honest, bookmarks are beautiful, but there is a limit to how many of them you can use and the really pretty ones are just too precious to actually use. So, just in time for the silly seasons, here are my top 3 bookish gift suggestions.

A book YOU loved

I love when people give me a book they loved, especially if they accompany it with a note about why they loved it or annotations about their thoughts throughout the book. It is personal and allows me to get to know them better. Plus, I have discovered some amazing books this way.


I am a fan of food (even if my body is not) and the idea of being gifted butterbeer or lembas excites me! If you know someone’s favourite book(s) and there is a food you could recreate here in the *real* world, why not give it a go!

Bookish Socks (and other accessories)

Like Dumbledoor and Dobby, I have a love of socks. The zanier, the better! By having some bookish socks, I get to go to work knowing I am sporting nerdy fashion in a subtle way that meets the dress code. Of course other accessories, such as scarves and jewellery, work very well too.

What bookish gifts do you like giving and/or receiving?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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