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2019 Goals – How did I go?

2019 has been another year of ups and downs but I cannot believe the year is over. There were times it felt like it was dragging along and other times it felt like it was flying by.

Back on January 1st, I posted a list of goals for 2019. Some were bookish and others were not. Now it is time to see how I went with those goals!

  • Read 50 books.
    Sitting at 70 reads, I declare this goal a success!
  • Write a book!
    My biggest challenge in the past has been getting a story past the 10k word mark. While I did not finish a book due to other elements of my life taking priority, I did get my WIP past 30k words and have the rest of the novel outlined so I am pretty happy with that.
  • Keep up with my blog.
    Semi-pass here. Some months I did really well, but not so much in the last few months.
  • Not go crazy on merch.
    I did have the occasional splurge, but I spent a lot less on merch this year compared to previous years so I think this counts as a win.
  • Save money.
    I had a savings account, but it is now empty for two pretty good reasons… keep reading!
  • Explore somewhere new.
    I did not go anywhere new, as such, but I did explore parts of my regular places that I had not previously seen. This mostly led to delicious food discoveries and my tastebuds are not complaining.
    However, while 2019 did not have the holiday I desired, one of the reasons for emptying my savings account was to pay for a holiday I have planned for next year! It is within Australia, but it is the other side of the country and somewhere I have never been before so I am very excited.
  • Finish my University degree!
    I DID IT! At the end of November, I submitted my final assignment for my final unit, which I passed meaning I have completed all the units required for my two majors!
    I will not have the physical degree in my hands until the new year, but knowing I am done was worth celebrating!
  • Enjoy more “me time”.
    I forced time into my week to read, watch movies and, although it sounds boring, sit and do absolutely nothing. I promise it was very relaxing. I also joined a knitting group that make woollen items, such as hats, gloves and blankets, for local charities that are helping the homeless. Although I do not make it to the meetups every week, sitting with my ball of wool and turning into gloves and blankets is something that makes me happy, especially knowing it eventually goes to someone in need.
  • Improve my health.
    I wanted to improve my physical and mental health, and I did a pretty good job in the mental health department. I still have my bad days, but overall I have adopted a positive mindset that has helped me improve my mental health, which was a really good thing considering what I have to say next.
    Physical health was more of a challenge. I have been sick since the start of August and, so far, doctors and specialists have no idea what is causing all of my symptoms. This is where the rest of my savings went. I needed multiple tests and procedures that do not come cheap and, based on what I was told at my last appointment, I will be needing at least a few more to help them work out what my body is doing. Until then, I am eating as clean as I can (when my body allows to me to keep my food down) and trying to do a little exercise on the days my pain levels are not too bad. Fingers crossed 2020 comes with answers and a solution!
  • Be open to opportunities.
    I have taken a few opportunities that have come my way. Nothing major, just the chance to try new things and expand my skill set, but I have been open to them so this is a tick.
  • Be happy.
    Well, considering my health for the past five months, I am pretty impressed that I am not feeling worse about it. Sure, I am not keen that as I write this I am in a moderate amount of pain and moving hurts, but it is also not one of my worst days.
    I have also got things to be happy about. My contract at work got extended for another year. I have an awesome trip planned for next year. I finished uni. I have amazing friends. I have a wonderful, supportive mum. I have a gorgeous dog that is cuddling my feet at the moment. I have made it through another year and not allowed the negatives to keep me from the positives.

I may not have ticked everything off my list, but I am proud of what I have achieved this year. 2019 had its challenges and I am sure 2020 will present a few of its own, but this year I have proven to myself I am stronger than I realised and I know I can navigate the obstacles coming my way.

How did you go with your goals!
Let me know in the comments!

Wishing you all a safe and happy new year bibliophiles!

Amy x

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