My Zany Bookshelf

My Zany Bookshelf: How to Store, Preserve, and Care for Rare Books

Do you own old or rare books?

I once had beautiful copies of Enid Blyton’s novels that were printed in the 1940s. I had collected five of her magically books, finding them in garage sales and op shops, and considered them some of my invaluable possessions.
Unfortunately, the had to be put into storage for a few months and, in that time, they got water damage. They all became mouldy and some fell apart.

It broke my heart to see these beautiful books that I, and the people who previously owned them, had kept in great condition for many years in such a state. Yes, I cried, and although I have replaced the novels with more recent editions, they will never be quite as special as those editions were.

With this in mind, when I was contacted by the people at Invaluable, I knew I wanted to share this information with others. Whether you have rare books, own special editions, or just want to keep your book collection in the best condition, here are some tips!


For more tips and information regarding rare books – including the most expensive rare books and how much they go – visit the original Invaluable post!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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