Writing Updates

Writing Update: January 8, 2020

It is officially 2020 and I am somewhere between relieved and panicked. I am hoping for positive things this year and one of those things involves writing, so it seems like as good a time as any for a writing update!

On the agenda today is:

  • How I went with my 2019 writing goals;
  • My 2020 goals;
  • Am I actually writing?;
  • Where is my current WIP at?;
  • Update on the roadblocks;
  • My goal for the next few weeks.

My overall 2019 writing goal was to write a book. Fail, though it was not completely hopeless. I have written at least a third of a book and have the rest of it outlined, which is much more than I have achieved in previous years. As for my final 2019 writing, which was to add something (ANYTHING) to my WIP, that was a success! It was only about 450 words, but the lovely time off work between Christmas and New Years provided me with the opportunity to sit at my computer and stare at the page until the story started flowing from my fingertips again.

As for 2020, I am reusing last years goal of finishing a book, though I specifically want to finish my current WIP! This baby has been sitting with me for a year and a half now in one form or another and I owe it to the story and myself to finish telling it. Other than that, I would also like to start working on some of the other ideas that have been nagging me for a while and give them the attention they deserve.

So, here and now in the year 2020, have I been writing? Yes! I have added close to 2k words since January first. This is not necessarily that much but, considering how I feel at the moment, I am actually rather proud of myself.
I am also starting to write by hand a little. So far, this is not related to my WIP, but is has helped with my creativity and brought me back to my WIP so it has been useful.

Speaking of my WIP, where is it at? Well, as I said in my 2019 Goal Wrap Up, I have managed to crack the 30k word barrier! Counting my ‘finished’ draft sections, I am sitting at the 34k mark. With this kind of starting point and no university assignments taking up my time, I may just be able to finish it… Just don’t hold your breath!

I still have the delightful (read painful, annoying and highly inconvenient) health issues, though I am hoping to have some kind of answer soon. At the moment medication and a diet that barely satisfies my taste buds are keeping me from hugging a toilet bowl on a regular basis, but the pain and fatigue has not let up. However, I do not want to allow this to stop me, so I am trying to make this roadblock simply a bump in the road and write on!

I am not sure exactly when I will do my next writing update, but for now my goal is simply to write a little and add something to my WIP each week.

How did your writing projects in 2019 go?
Have any writing goals for 2020?

Until next time literators and bibliophiles!

Amy x

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