Best Bookish Bits

Best Bookish Bits: February 2020

This year is already flying by so fast! Two months down and already 2020 is proving to be… interesting? In the weirdest ways… But you are here for the best bookish bits of February, so here it is!

PicsArt_03-05-05.53.23.jpgFirst up my February reads:

  • A Sticky Note Guide to Life by Chaz Hutton
  • Gypsy Secrets by J.L. Vampa
  • Beard Science by Penny Reid
  • Beard In Mind by Penny Reid
  • Strike a Match by Lindzee Armstrong
  • Mistletoe Match by Lindzee Armstrong
  • Match Me if You Can by Lindzee Armstrong
  • Never Say Match by Lindzee Armstrong
  • Bitter and Sweet in Dog Town by Sandy Rideout
  • A Match Made in Dog Town by Sandy Rideout
  • Lost and Found in Dog Town by Sandy Rideout

That is 11 books read, 9 of which were read between February 11 and February 17.
I also began reading North and South by Elizabeth Gaskell, but that one is difficult to read in the small snippets of time (lunch breaks) that I get to read.

I have been rather well behaved when it comes to purchasing books and resisting the temptation to buy all the books, though I did cave at the end of the month and order two I really wanted but could not find locally. Those books are Pumpkin Heads by Rainbow Rowell and Heartstopper Vol.3 by Alice Oseman!

While I did not purchase any bookish items as a reader, I did get some bookish items as a writer. I have purchased more notebooks to write my own stories in! There was also another writing-related purchase, but you will have to wait for the March Writing Update to find out what that is!

mhfaider_digital_badgeAlthough not bookish, I also attended a Mental Health First Aid course this month where I learned a lot about mental health conditions and how to help those living with them. I am very proud to say I am now an accredited mental health first aider.
This is something I think is incredibly important for everyone to consider. Even those of us living with mental health conditions can help others, we just need to know how to. Knowledge is power and, with that power, you could help improve or even save someone’s life.

That is it from me this month!

Tell me in the comment section, what was your Best Bookish Bit of February?

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x


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