About Me

My name is Amy and I am the Zany Bibliophile.


I am sarcastic, witty, and just a little bit kooky! The word I use to sum it all up is zany!

I also love books. A lot. I live for the bounded pages containing stories of other lives and other places. I will happily read almost any genre as long as it has a good story. Yep, I am a complete bibliophile so it should come as no surprise that, even as a young child, I would spend most of my time with a book in my hand.


My love of stories eventually became so intense that reading was not enough! I realised that I had stories of my own that I wanted to share, so I started writing. I have spent many years writing for personal enjoyment. However, in 2018, I started sharing my writing for the first time by submitting short pieces to writing competitions. Now my goal is to get one of my stories published, so watch this space!


As much as I would love to spend all my time reading and writing, I am also a university student aiming to complete a double major Bachelor of Arts by the end of 2019 AND I have a 9-5 so I can afford to live. These understandably take up a lot of my time, but I try to balance my life out by taking time out to do other things, such as spending time in my mini library reading (obviously), writing, hanging out with my dog Charlee (picture to the right here in my mini library) and going on impromptu adventures, even if it is just going to a nearby town. Admittingly, these adventures do tend to end at a bookshop, in the book section of a department store or at the post office to pick up bookish orders.

Yes, this book thing is an addiction. No, I do not intend to overcome it. I am perfectly happy to live life with a book in my hand and a never-ending to-be-read pile at my side.
In fact, I cannot imagine a better life for myself!

Amy x

Bookmark made by Liz of Straight Off The Shelf featuring my bookshelves as the background!