Merch Monday

Merch Monday: Potions Candle Co – Aragorn Apothecary Candle

We all know I love Potions Candle Co. Even though the store is on holidays while Mikaela moves back to Australia (YAY!) I still want to tell you all about the lovely apothecary candles.

Aragorn potions candle

First of all, the apothecary jars are adorable! The dark glass jar and the black and white label is simple, which I personally think is a lovely contrast from Mikaela’s usual colourful labels. From what I saw, the scents available were exclusive to these adorable jars. They were also a reasonable price for a glass jar candle.

I decided to try one (I was on a budget or I would have got them all) so I got the Aragorn scent! Aragorn smells like leather, sandalwood and rain AKA delicious, outdoorsy man smell. In case it was not clear, massive tick on the scent front.

However, I have a love/hate relationship with jars. I love to watch the wax melt down the sides and the flame flickering through the glass. The hate part comes from a combination of it being glass, me being clumsy and my house having very thin carpet over a concrete slab. Yep, I dropped it and it broke. You will be able to see the start of the break near the top. That crack runs down and around the base. I have to be careful when touching it and I cannot light it, but it will work well as a lid off/cold throw candle!

I am personally a fan of tins for the safety of myself and my candles, but if you are looking for a cute glass candle, these ones are a good option. Keep an eye on the Potions Candle Co Instagram or sign up for the Potions Candle Co newsletter so you know when the Kickstarter begins to help Mikaela restart her business back in Australia!

Do you prefer a glass or tin candle?
Let me know in the comment section!

Until next time bibliophiles!

Amy x

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