Writing Updates

Writing Update: September 18, 2019

Time for another writing update! It has not been an easy month for many reasons, but it is not all bad news! Here is what is on the agenda this month: The end of August; How I went with last month's goal; My current WIP stats; Work/School/Reading/Blogging/Writing/Not-Going-Insane balance; My goals for the next month. August… Continue reading Writing Update: September 18, 2019

Writing Updates

Writing Update: August 14, 2019

Another month, another writing update. There is some good news, some amazing news and, just to balance it all out, some rather disappointing news. What is on this month's writing update agenda? I am glad you asked. July Camp NaNoWriMo results; My current WIP stats; Post-Camp NaNoWriMo; Upcoming roadblocks; My goals for the next month.… Continue reading Writing Update: August 14, 2019